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What is backflow? Do I take Tums? No, backflow isn’t what happens after Taco night.  Backflow or cross connection prevention is a common term used when we speak of irrigation system connections to your home water supply. This has been a rather hot topic in recent years. Now more than ever if you have an […]

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Need a Yard Sprinkler System Update?

Are you still watering your lawn the old fashioned way? Need a little extra time to relax and enjoy the yard you worked so hard for? Come across a problem that has you scratching your head? Experience does count. We are known in the West Michigan area for being the experts in our field. Proudly […]

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Think Green

Smart Irrigation means becoming Green and Staying Green with a focus on sustainability, and harmony with the natural environment. Shoreline Sprinkling has been green for years. It is particularly important in the Great Lakes area where we are stewards of so much water. Read more on our Think Green Page click here. Save even more […]

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