Smart Controls

It takes the correct controller to irrigate your lawn precisely and efficiently. A controller is an integral part of an irrigation system. It is an essential tool to apply water in the necessary quantity and at the right time to your lawn or garden.  The right controller for your sprinklers provides practical water management solutions. At Shoreline Sprinkling, we pride ourselves on offering the standard products counted on for generations, as well as the new technology of innovative irrigation system products, including state of the art irrigation controllers.  New to irrigation are something called smart irrigation controllers. These controllers utilize weather based irrigation controls and site information data to calculate the precise amount of irrigation to apply to the lawn and landscape based on daily weather at your location.  Staying with current technologies, web based controllers are now starting to make their way to the market. These systems allow you to monitor and operate your system directly from your computer and smart phone.





  • Controllers we use offer easy-to-use interfaces and may include advanced technology.
  • Controllers operate from 2 zone valves up to 200. (standard and two-wire decoder)
  • Smart Controllers adapt to daily weather changes.
  • Touch screen, web site based, smart phone and home PC controllers are available.

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