Do it Yourself Irrigation

Need A New DIY Lawn & Landscape Irrigation System?

Most homeowners know that applying some “elbow grease”  is a great way to save a bit of money on a project. Irrigation is one of those projects for homeowners who have technical savvy and the do it yourself aptitude.  One of Shoreline Sprinkling’s design team members will meet with you at your home and design an irrigation system for you. We will provide you with a print to follow to complete the installation of your DIY irrigation system.  We will make sure you have all of the parts you need to install the underground portion of your system by delivering a small movable trailer with everything you need to complete your install. We install the underground pipe in your yard, or if you have access to a trenching machine, we can adjust quote to exclude the machine time and help save you some money.  When it comes to installing your own sprinkler and drip irrigation system, Shoreline wants to help make the do it yourself installation process easy for you. Our irrigation system designers will create a plan that can use less water and provide great results all while saving you money.

Having Problems With Your Current Sprinkler System?

Drive problems or a part missing? Did your controller stop working or would you just like to upgrade to a new Smart Controller?

Our retail store in Zeeland is a handy place to buy replacement parts for your current system. In addition to stocking most of the basic irrigation system parts in our store,  our service manager and sales and system design staff are often on hand to help figure out just which part you need to get your system working properly again. This saves you time and money. For more information about our retail store click here. We are conveniently located between Holland and Grand Rapids just south of Muskegon and Allendale, Michigan near highway I 96.

Properly designed and installed automatic sprinkler and drip irrigation systems provide many benefits for your lawn, garden and other landscaping. First, they eliminate the time and hassle of hauling hoses around your property. More importantly, irrigation systems can actually cut down on the amount of water you use.  As water use becomes a bigger, global concern, sprinkler companies like Toro and RainBird are making a difference with  innovative water saving solutions. If you don’t have an irrigation system, or you’re using a system that is older than five years, you could be using up to 50% more water than you need. Please give us a call at Shoreline Sprinkling and ask to speak with one of our sales & system designers. They will be happy to get you started with your DIY installation.  And, if you get part way through the project and run out of time, or need more assistance, we are right here to guide you. We can also come up with a quote for completing the installation for you.

Want to Learn All You Can About Maintaining a Beautiful Lawn?

Visit a great blog type website, by Toro, loaded with  lawn care tips and instructions.

Want to Calculate How Much Water You are Using?

A Home Water Use Calculator was developed with the Ford Field Museum in Chicago.  Try it out on the home Water Works Website here: